Today’s complex networks have growing security risks and are overrun with operational challenges. As business needs change, network security teams must be able to quickly adapt - but poor change management processes are resulting too often in network and application outages.

New technologies and policies such as BYOD advance business productivity, but put a strain on security. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are perceived to improve security, but also add to the IT security professionals’ workload. It’s a fine balancing act to keep the network secure and the business running.

Join us for a webcast where, Eric Ogren, founder of the Ogren Group, and Sam Erdheim, Sr. Security Strategist at AlgoSec, analyze findings from “The State of Network Security 2013” survey. Key industry trends such as insider risks, BYOD, NGFWs, security in the cloud and change management will be examined from a security and operational perspective and practical recommendations will be provided to help organizations improve their network security posture.

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